AMCOC Youth Link . . .

                    Linking Kids to Resources

At Alayo Miracle Church of Christ, youths have the opportunity to develop both their spiritual and personal relationships. Our goal is to empower the youths by helping them to identify their strengths and encourage them to take an active role not only in their own development but that of their community.


Who We Are

The AMCOC Youth Link is a year round program which serves the youths between the ages of 10–21 who live in our communities. It provides a positive peer group as well as adult mentoring that helps teens stand strong for Christ in a difficult world.


At AMCOC . . .

We have fellowship class just for youths on Wednesday evenings. This class is designed to share God’s Word as it relates to them and they can understand it and apply it to their daily lives. Then Sunday mornings are excitements and activities as the teens have their very own worship experience! In addition to the weekly activities, we have summer youth studies, concerts, outings and activities for fun.


Youths Participate In:

  • Case Management
  • Informational Workshops 
  • Social Skills Development
  • Community Service 
  • Educational & Recreational Trips 
  • Homework & Tutoring

The Youth Link Seeks To:

  • Improve Youths’ Relationships With Their Families

  • Help Youth Learn Alternative Ways To Cope With Problems  

  • Help Youth Remain In School  

  • Prevent & Reduce Youth Substance Abuse  

  • Reduce Potential Incarceration  
  • Reduce Criminal Activity &Truancy   


Note: Youths who demonstrate leadership qualities will be selected for the Youth Leadership Council. These young people will serve as role models for other program youths and will work together on both the Church and community service projects. If you’re a teen, or the parent of a teen, we’d like to invite you to come over and see what the youth ministry of Alayo Miracle Church of Christ has to offer! Don’t miss it. Find Out More!