Alayo Miracle Church of Christ has an exciting children ministry! Because children are our priceless heritage, we strive to provide the highest possible quality of care to them. Our desire is to help lay a firm foundation of faith for the children, and we do it in such a way that they love coming to Church to praise the Lord Jesus Christ. Read More!

There’s always something going on for the kids in the Church—whether it’s our annual Fall Get-Together, Vocational Bible Study (VBS), Music Concerts or just the week-to-week fun learning of God’s Word, so your kids shouldn’t miss this!


It is our goal to lay good foundation for future learning. Age-appropriate learning and developmental experiences are offered in a Christian atmosphere of love, care, and guidance.

Each Child Participates In:

  • Enjoying stories, poetry, dramatizations, films and books

  • Working with paints, crayons, puzzles, blocks and other manipulative materials

  • Making short excursions to points of interests in the community

  • Having special visitors in the classroom

  • Learning to share, take turn, plan, work, think and reason as they work and play with others

  • Learning to respond rhythmically to music, singing and listening to different kinds of Christian music 

  • Acquiring good health and hygiene habits 

  • Experiencing and learning foundational truths of the Christian faith. 


Children's Choir

Our children’s choir meets every Saturday evening. Our older children also make up our Music Makers Choir. They all sing regularly on Sunday mornings and perform several musicals throughout the yearespecially during Christmas, Easter, and AMCOC  End of the Year Thanksgiving Services. The Congregation is blessed on occasions by their specials and musicals.